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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Welcome to Metals

The care and safe use of common hand tools and machines are stressed in the planning, forming and fabrication of metal projects.  These skills are used to develop an understanding of the materials used and the role played in the metals trade in today's technical world.  This is a hands-on course and projects can be fabricated from band steel, sheet steel, tubing or sheet metal.  The students will learn the safe and correct use of the drill press, power saws, the grinder, tube bender, and all the various sheet metal forming tools.  In addition, the student will learn how to spot weld, oxyacetylene weld, arc (electric) weld, mig weld, and use a Plasma Cutter.  Projects can also be hand forged using the forge furnace.  Students will be allowed to fabricate projects of their own choosing after completing one required project.  The students will also learn how to do CAD drawings so they can use a CNC Engraving Machine and a CNC plasma-cutting machine.  Emphasis will be placed on accuracy and the ability to construct a project according to plan.  

These are the topics that we will be covering this year!

Project Planning
1.1    Product Development/Planning - PD Presentation
          1.1.1 Class Project
          1.1.2 Personal Project
1.2   Safety - Safety Presentation
1.3   Drawing/Sketching
1.4   Measurement
1.5   Metal Characteristics - Metals Characteristics Presentation
1.6   Careers

Measuring/Marking, Cutting & Deburring
2.1    Measuring/Marking Tools
2.2    Files - File Presentation
2.3    Hack Saws - Hacksaw Presentation
2.4    Disk Sander - Disk Sander Presentation

3.1    Anvil Safety
3.2    Starting the Forge
3.3    Shutting Down the Forge
3.4    Tong Safety

Chip Removal with Power
4.1    Vertical Band Saw
4.2    Horizontal Band Saw
4.3    Drill Press

Gas Welding
5.1    Equipment, Torches and Flames - Equipment Presentation
5.2    Welding Joints - Gas Welding Joints Presentation
5.3    Weld Characteristics
5.4    Gas Welding Safety - Gas Welding Safety Presentation

Electric Welding - Welding Presentation
6.1    What is Electric Welding?
6.2    What are the Types of Welders?
6.3    The Welding Process
6.4    Electrodes
6.5    Types of Welds
6.6    Types of Welding Joints
6.7    Characteristics of Good Welds
6.8    Electric Welding Safety

Sheet Metal Working
7.1    Hand Tools
7.2    Punching Holes
7.3    Riveting
7.4    Sheet Metal Joints and Edges
7.5    Soldering
7.6    Sheet Metal Bench and Floor Machines
7.7    Threading and Tapping